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Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, Tavares, FL – November 9-10, 2024

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NOVEMBER 9-10, 2024

The year is 1604 and rumors abound about growing plots that threaten the King. Shaken and looking for a distraction the King and his Court have decided to make their way to the country.

Traveling with the King are his Royal Court, Foreign Ambassadors seeking Royal Matches and talks of Treaties, and the King’s cousin, Lady Arabella Stuart. Considered the rightful successor to the throne by some, her designs are set on securing royal permission to marry her lover William Seymour, Duke of Somerset.

Greeting his Majesty along the way are numerous people of Shrewsbury. Unbeknown to the King, the gunpowder plot conspirators lead by Robert Catesby, Guy Fawkes, Anne Vaux , and Martha Wright have gathered at the town among the people of Shrewsbury along the route of the Kings progress looking to recruit you to their cause!

Growing concerned that his sport will be ruined by court business, or worse, an Assassination Plot, his Majesty is determined to enjoy the festival leaving the royal Guards, led by Captain Malcolm Wolfe to ensure the safety of his person, and all of his guests. It is race to route out the conspirators before they succeed in their disastrous plans!